we help property investors, owners and propTech compaies maximize performance.

About Us

Our mission is to empower proptech and multifamily real estate stakeholders to unlock their true potential, navigate challenges with confidence, and achieve enduring success and prosperity in the dynamic multifamily market.

Our approach

Through partnerships, data-driven research and analysis and transparent communication, we empower you to make good decision.

We listen. We advise. We execute. And we have fun.

Meet Our Team

a dream team of multifamily nerds who know how to have fun

Carol Enoch: CEO

Carol is a results-driven leader fueled by the power of connections. With over two decades of multifamily industry experience across diverse asset classes, she excels in Class A+ luxury lease-ups, mid-rise and low-rise multifamily developments and has a profound understanding of primary, secondary, and tertiary markets nationwide. Her impressive client portfolio includes developers, investors, property management firms, and prop tech companies. An accomplished public speaker, Carol is a sought-after speaker at prominent industry conferences and annual meetings, including AIM, NMHC and more. When Carol's not working, you can find her kayaking in Sausalito, conquering hiking trails with the enthusiasm of a mountain goat, and taking more photos of her cat, Libby, than Libby probably wants.

Julian Rude: Analyst + Operations

Julian's multifaceted expertise as a seasoned multifamily real estate investor, developer, operator, and analyst uniquely positions him to offer unwavering and comprehensive support throughout the entire lifecycle. His extensive 15-year track records includes a hands-on approach to optimizing leasing and operational performance, making him the ideal partner to expertly guide clients at every pivotal juncture of their investment journey. When Julian's not working, he's chasing thrills amidst Colorado's breathtaking landscapes, loving life on the edge with his trusty sidekick- his adventurous and adorable dog, Rusty!

Caryn Weiss: Marketing

Caryn brings over 20 years of experience with all aspects of branding, marketing and media mastering facet of the multifamily and for-sale real estate landscape. Caryn doesn't just craft compelling branding and identities; she forges memorable brand experiences. She doesn't simply develop engaging collateral and content; she creates captivating narratives that resonate. And when it comes to all things digital, including strategies, she's not just proficient, she 's a trailblazer, leasing the way to your marketing success. When Caryn's not working, you can find her passionately cheering for her beloved Cubs and not-so-secretly judging anyone daring to order pineapple on pizza.

Malachi Gill

As a US Navy Veteran turned accounting and tax-planning expert, Malachi is best known for bringing simplicity, financial clarity, and long-term strategy.

In his spare time, he loves to read and spend time with his family.

Candice Mayberry

Candice Mayberry is a dynamic professional with over 20 years of experience in Project Management and Real Estate. Candice is known for strategic planning within cross-functional teams, flexibility, and adaptability, technical and analytic skills, and practical problem-solving strategies. Based in Georgia, she has two labradoodles (Dior & Chance) and a 19-year old son at Kennesaw State University studying Cyber Security. She loves to travel, cook and watch Master Chef.

Maggie Washburn

Maggie has over twelve years' of experience working in the Bay Area based residential real estate, and is a licensed transaction coordinator. With a focus on leasing and property management, Maggie has lent her expertise to Laramar, SF Urban, Equity Residential, UDR, and Mosser Companies. Maggie is skilled at managing relationships, implementing sales strategies, and providing exceptional customer service. Her expertise working with diverse teams in all asset classes drives exceptional results. In her spare time she enjoys walking on the beach with her dog and doing yoga.

David McRez

With a strong background in operations, sales and customer service, David has experience dealing with nearly every facet of property management. Most recently, he has taken on his biggest challenge yet: tending to every whim of his newborn and 3-year-old as a stay at home parent. His expertise and attitude makes him well equipped to take on any project with a smile on his face.

Avery West

Avery brings to bear 10+ years of startup, agency and freelance marketing experience. She's worked in industries ranging from alcohol to healthcare and is happy to have found a lovely home in multifamily. Her biggest learning from all this experience? Keep it simple and say what you mean (this goes for marketing and life).
When she's not working she's running, swimming, dancing, doodling, traveling and spending time with friends.

Jenna Hatch: Designer

Jenna's journey into graphic design was an unexpected twist, sparked by her less-than-stellar flute skills, but it turned out to be the best detour she could have taken. As a recent graduate of The University of Illinois, she's been developing her craft in freelance graphic design since she was 16. Over the years, she's discovered her deepest passions lie in the realms of branding, crafting social media content, and website designs. All using her intuitive eye for creating visually appealing assets.
Recently outside of work, Jenna has embarked on a sourdough journey. Nurturing her sourdough starter has become more than a hobby, it is a obbession.

William Orchard: Operations Analyst

William is a current student at UCLA pursuing a degree in Business Economics. He's involved with everything real-estate that UCLA has to offer, and spent his last summer in high school doing the lease-up and property management for a student housing building in Berkeley, CA. He's still green, but brings energy and enthusiasm to any situation, and will figure out how to get the job done. During off time, William is a physical health and wellness junkie, and is openly addicted to the outdoors and sunshine.


Libby is the cat, and we all work to keep her in the lifestyle to which she's become accustomed. Her extensive experience with naps, snuggling, and eating treats keeps the E&Co. team grounded, without taking ourselves too seriously.

Mr. Biscuits:
Chief Biscuit Maker

With his bunny-like fur and amber eyes, Mr. Biscuit excels at kneading blankets and laps into perfect doughy softness. His soothing purrs and loving nature makes him the heart and soul of our operation, spreading warmth with every paw press.

Quality Patrol

With her furosiocious bark in a little body, montana makes the perfect patrol officer. Her primary duties include lifting up spirits and barking at the mysterious noises with the kind of dedication usually reserved for catching international spies. In her paws, everyone is safe.

Chief Barker

Rusty is a Colorado Dog who feels most at home in the mountains. His day job is barking at everyone who walks by his house.
Carol Enoch
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